"Jim helped me through a difficult time after I closed my business and my financial situation was a mess.
I have since referred him many times to friends and clients."

Functional Excellence !!!

  • Overall rating: Excellent
  • Trustworthy: Excellent
  • Responsive: Excellent
  • Knowledgeable: Excellent
  • Kept me informed: Excellent
  • I recommend James Monaghan.
  • I hired James 1-3 years ago.
  • James handled my Bankruptcy / Chapter 7 matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

"Mr. Monaghan handled our case without flaw from beginning to end, resulting in a favorable judgement. He and his office were a model of efficiency. Most impressive was the extremely quick manner in which I received a response to each and every inquiry along the way, providing me a comforting notion that my case was always on the radar.

In my line of work I prefer a process driven approach to the task at hand. Mr. Monaghan's process was so well defined that I always felt we were under control and on the right course. When sound processes are teamed with a knowledgeable person executing them, more often than not you will realize success. In general terms, this 'functional excellence' guards against inefficiency, limits the chance of error and just makes it easier to coordinate the lawyer - client activity.

Plain and simple......I would highly recommend Mr Monaghan."

"When my wife and I were suddenly met with significant unreimbursed medical expenses we ended up relying on our credit cards to get by.  After a while the interest and fees were so high we had no option other than to  default on the credit cards.  We turned to Mr. Monaghan and he helped us get out from the financial hole this put us in.  He filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the credit card debt was discharged and we were able to get a fresh start."