Mr. Monaghan was a very helpful and supportive attorney who exhibited a professional and organized firm. He was wonderful and now my worries are gone. The process was smooth and my stress level has decreased. I highly recommend anyone to use Mr. Monaghan as an attorney to help with their needs.

July 4, 2017

I would recommend Attorney Monaghan to anyone seeking excellent legal representation. He was very informative and eased any anxiety I was having with the process. His assistant Linda is a great part of his team. He was always available for questions whenever I had them. Perfect 10.

July 3, 2017

Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Jim ensured that I was well informed and supported at each step. Excellent communication and correspondence throughout the process. I felt very safe being represented by Jim.

April 4, 2017

Jim was very helpful with my workers’ comp case. He really sped up the process in which the insurance company needed to do. Also, he has a calming, reassuring aspect of his character that honestly I wish all lawyers would have.

May 15, 2015

Jim was awesome! Very patient and kept me informed of everything that was going and what was going to happen. I would recommend him to anyone who needs lawyer services.

December 20, 2013

Mr. Monaghan handled our bankruptcy with the utmost professionalism and we would recommend him highly. He was always available and happy to help at anytime. Thank you!

Robert & Rebecca
September 1, 2013

From the beginning Jim created a sense of calm over a situation that was intimidating for me; bankruptcy was scary. His vast experience and knowledge came through as he mapped out a plan and told me step by step what was expected of me during the entire process. He was prompt with phone calls and email and occasionally texts. He reduced my anxiety and constantly told me everything was going to be okay; something I needed. He smiled through our hearing and with confidence and a smile said, “yup, it was that easy”. I highly recommend his services.

Kimberly, Mt Airy Learning Tree
July 30, 2013

Mr. Monaghan handled our case without flaw from beginning to end, resulting in a favorable judgement. He and his office were a model of efficiency. Most impressive was the extremely quick manner in which I received a response to each and every inquiry along the way, providing me a comforting notion that my case was always on the radar.

In my line of work I prefer a process driven approach to the task at hand. Mr. Monaghan’s process was so well defined that I always felt we were under control and on the right course. When sound processes are teamed with a knowledgeable person executing them, more often than not you will realize success. In general terms, this ‘functional excellence’ guards against inefficiency, limits the chance of error and just makes it easier to coordinate the lawyer – client activity.

April 1, 2011

I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone. Jim Monaghan is a remarkable combination of professional excellence and personal charm. He is patient with questions, responsive to phone calls, knowledgeable with the material and thorough in his explainations to the client. I particularly appreciate his straight forward attitude and upbeat personality. He is extremely trustworthy and competent without being overbearing or distant with his client. My case was settled quickly and much to my delight, very successfully.

Mary, Workers Compensation Client
May 8, 2010

Jim has handled several cases for me and has not only been an Great Attorney but has been a great Teacher as well. Jim is always up to date and doesn’t hesitate to answer my questions no matter how long it may take or how many times I may ask the same question six different ways. He has not only won EVERY case he has fought on my behalf but he has taught me a great deal along the way.

No Client could ask for a better Lawyer than Jim Monaghan!!

Workers’ Compensation Client
July 9, 2009

Still working with him on my worker’s comp case. I would recommend him to anyone who has been injured at work.

Posted by anonymous
June 30, 2009

Jim was totally involved in my case and kept the case going even when I wanted to settle for less because he believed that the settlement would be worth more than I expected. It was! I can’t imagine that you could find better representation for your disability case.

Montgomery County Workers Comp Client
July 4, 2009

MR. Monaghan is a very understanding lawyer to your feelings, and very caring. He would answer your questions in a timely manner! Kept me up to date on what was going on with my case had never left me wondering that had ment alot to me. I would recomend Mr. Monaghan.

Norristown Work Comp Client
May 26, 2009