Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries occur when the spine is subjected to unexpected force that results in damage to the spine and/or spinal cord. This can occur when someone lifts something heavy, falls from a height, twists awkwardly, lands on their back , etc. The often involve nerve injuries when the nerves exiting the spinal column are compromised by damage to the spine.  That can include spinal stenosis, disc herniations, narrowing of the spinal canal, etc.  These injuries often radiate beyond the spine and cause pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the legs and arms.

Know Your Rights

Simply because you have a pre-existing spinal injury or medical condition does not prevent you from recovering if you are further injured by someone’s negligence.  Aggravations of pre-existing conditions are considered new injuries.  It is important for us to gather your pre and post accident medical records to determine the extent of the aggravation.  We will have a medical expert examine these records and provide us with an opinion as to what injuries were cause by the accident and which are simply part of the pre-existing condition.



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