Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

Here are some easy explanations to frequently asked questions about Workers' Compensation: Do I need a lawyer? A workers' compensation lawyer only gets paid if he or she gets you benefits through settlement or award from a judge or if he or she defeats a challenge by the insurance company to cut off or change [...]

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Five Workers’ Compensation Myths

Workers' Compensation often has some common misconceptions, especially in Pennsylvania. Here are the top five Workers' Compensation myths: I Don't Need a Lawyer to file a Workers' Compensation Claim. The insurance company has an attorney and they do this 24/7. This is probably your first Workers' Compensation case. How do you know what your rights [...]

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Healthcare Workers Injuries

Healthcare Industry Workers Compensation Attorney Pottstown Healthcare workers of all types have the capacity of being injured during a typical work day. They have very demanding jobs that require them to repeat many of the same movements.  Healthcare workers are also at risk of contracting an infection, disease or illness if they come into contact [...]

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Reporting An Injury At Work In Pennsylvania

If you suffer an injury at work in Pennsylvania you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to Pennsylvania workers compensation law. Once you are injured there are very strict rules, laws and procedures that must be adhered to. If you do not you become susceptible to possible making yourself ineligible to receive benefits. Immediately [...]

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