If you suffer an injury at work in Pennsylvania you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to Pennsylvania workers compensation law. Once you are injured there are very strict rules, laws and procedures that must be adhered to. If you do not you become susceptible to possible making yourself ineligible to receive benefits.

Immediately following an injury in the workplace you should seek proper medical attention. From there the first thing you should do is notify the employer in writing of the injury or occupational disease (in some cases you can notify your employer prior to seeking medical care). Failure to give notice or to accept medical services may deprive you of the right to benefits and financial compensation.

Promptly give to your employer, directly or through a manage, team leader or supervisor, notice of any claim for compensation as soon as possible after the accident. In the event the accident resulted in wrongful death, notice must be given by one or more dependents of the deceased or by a person on their behalf.

Per PA workers comp law there is a 21 day window where you, your employer and their insurance carrier can agree to a workers compensation benefits package. In case of failure to reach an agreement with the employer in regard to compensation under the law, file application with the Office of Workers’ Compensation on the matters at issue within three years of the date of accidental injury. If you do not adhere to the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation statute of limitations you can disqualify yourself from receiving benefits. While Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law allows you to wait up to 3 years to file your claim it is not advisable to wait nearly that long.

A work related injury can significantly complicate your life financially, physically, emotionally and psychologically. There is a huge margin for error if you attempt to navigate the Pennsylvania workers comp system on your own. Please contact me, Montgomery County Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer James V. Monaghan to discuss your case. I have many years experience handling Pennsylvania workers compensation claims and will put that experience to work for you.