Rental Arrears Discharge Laws In Pennsylvania

Many Montgomery County, Pennsylvania who are going through tough financial times may ultimately fall behind on various bills. One of these bills can be rental payments for your house, townhouse, apartment or condo. A common misconception is that bankruptcy only offers financial relief to homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments. While this is true, those who rent their home may also have options for relieving rental arrears through filing for bankruptcy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you are behind on your rent payments, and other bills, you should speak with a Montgomery County Bankruptcy Attorney.

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Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Law And Rental Arrears

If you are behind in rent payments the situation will determine what options you may have for obtaining relief, fighting eviction and getting current on your payments. Typical scenarios are:

If the lawsuit for eviction has not started then a person can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, discharge all the pre -ent and remain in the apartment and just start paying again.

If the lawsuit has started, filing bankruptcy can stop the eviction but the debtor has 30 days to cure the arrears in full. If the landlord has already gotten the eviction order, then there is no stay but all rental arrears due are discharged.

A skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you decide what options is best for you. This will allow you to make the most informed decision possible.

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